Monthly Archives: June 2015

checklist for swimming

i’ve been going swimming quite a lot lately. it’s great to relax, get moving without stressing and to be outside of the comfort zone of any computer or other technical device for at least 2 hours. as if to prove how much i need to get out of my head sometimes, i’ve managed to forget something important almost every time. so far it hasn’t been my swimming suit yet, but i’ve been swimming without:

  • my shampoo to get the chlorine off my head afterwards
  • my flipflops (hmmm yummy floor, especially in the lavatory…)
  • my goggles (swimming is no fun without goggles! how am i supposed to improve my diving skills?)
  • a towel (hair blower 5ct./1 minute, here i come…)

as you can easily guess, this is in ascending order. so to prevent myself from standing at the pool again (especially) without one of these items, i have made a visual checklist or packing list for myself:

Checkliste_Schwimmenand just to say thanks to my best swimming buddy for being able to do “fitness” without being grown-up about it, i’ve tried to portray anne (weltbeste anne. looks much better in real life. and i still can’t draw hands. but how should i. need to make more time for drawing to get back into practice).