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a visit to the botanical garden.

my friend wiebke and i spent a sunday at the botanical garden in berlin recently. these are some of the things i saw there:

Gekritzel10finally a plant pretending to be some kind of flower between armies of cactei: strelitzia.

Gekritzel11just as i thought “this plant looks like an elephant’s foot”, i read its name. that’s exactly what it’s called…

Gekritzel14_hurray for quails! ❤ ❤ ❤

Gekritzel12i’m going to move in here. watch plants & quails 24/7. bye.

non-places (and – oh – a bird!)

non-places… places that exist, but you never really look at them.


there are quite a lot of them everywhere (maybe especially in darmstadt). like the bridge at the ostbahnhof…


… or the forever (-ever-ever-ever) ongoing construction sight at the hospital…


… or the crooked house that is (not so much) hidden at rosenhöhe…


blackbirds are always worth a second look though. ❤

visiting my childhood home

garten02_ausschnittmy parents still live in the house i grew up in. it’s an old townhouse with a beautiful garden.


a very special part of the garden is this shadbush (amelanchier / felsenbirne) in our yard. i think it got planted quite quickly after my parents moved in – it’s about as old as i am. this tree/bush is surrounded by a bed full of different herbs (lavender, marjoram, tarragon…) and it has evolved into a wonderful playground for songbirds. when they’re small they can hop between the twigs and the roof of the shed and learn how to fly.