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travelling. sketching. part I (places)

i just got back from travelling through lovely slovenia and croatia. and i used my free time in the holidays not to read books for a change, but to draw… so now i can hopefully fill some blog entries with the content of my sketchbooks… most of the drawings were made / finished / coloured while i was on the road (in a car or train). that’s a great excuse for every line or colour that’s a bit off…


on the way through bavaria i collected some interesting towers i saw from the autobahn.


kitsch. clouds at the chiemsee. and ducks.


a collection of forests and mountains on the way through the alps.


after-pizza-coffee in ljubljana.

2016_08_09_Labadusa1the beach in front of our camping site in dalmatia (close to trogir / split) – all drawn in one line. maybe i will still color it in some other time. imagine the ocean being all shades of turquois and blue (and calm that day) – like on the photos below. the big boat is white with dark blue at the bottom and dark blue on the roof, the parasols are in different colors (choose what you like), the rocks on the ground are beige, the forest is darker shades of green (cedars).

2016_08_11_Zagreb_Altstadtafter some lazy days at the ocean, we needed to get back to the city. so we spend some days in zagreb. what do you do in zagreb? you sit in a café! here’s one as viewed from another one.


another view from a café in zagreb. at night, in front of the cinema.


this is some interpretation of the cool buildings across the street from the contemporary museum in zagreb.


this is a really nice bar in zagreb. i would love to take all my friends there some time, but it’s a bit too far from berlin…