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documenta 14.

it’s the very last days of the documenta 14 in kassel! have you been this summer?

Skizzenbuch_0921my personal highlights were mostly to be found at the “neue neue galerie” – like the canteen with plants above…

… or the amazing and funny typography-related collages by ruth wolf-rehfeldt!

another favourite piece of mine was the movie “the dust channel” by roee rosen that was exhibited under the roof of the palais bellevue (here’s a teaser and another snippet on HR).

Skizzenbuch_0924at the end of two full days of busy impressions i also enjoyed the calm installation “byzantion” by romuald karmakar (a movie showing orthodox monchs from greece and russia singing “agne parthene”).


here’s some more highlights, including the very best of the permanent exhibition of the ottoneum (natural history museum) and some details from installations at the fridericianum.

other visitors. and a gherkin (this is not a sculpture by erwin wurm, but part of our breakfast).

photographs become pictures become drawings.

a couple of weeks ago i was visiting the exhibition “fotografien werden bilder. die becher-klasse” at the städel museum in frankfurt. the exhibition shows photos by the first (and by now famous and acclaimed) students of bernd and hiller becher. it is a brilliant exhibition that i can only recommend (still going until august, 13th 2017).

i took a closer look at the photos i liked most by sketching them:

Gekritzel9_nach tata ronkholz: st. franziskusstr. 107 (düsseldorf), 1977/78.

Gekritzel8_nach thomas ruff: interieur 1d, 1982.

Gekritzel5_nach jörg sasse: 28246, 2000.

Gekritzel3_knach andreas gursky: teneriffa, schwimmbad, 1987.

a nice guard at the exhibition was interested in what i was doing and asked me for a look at all of my drawings when i was done. he seemed to be impressed, but not so much by the drawings but by my cheap biro: “hm… it’s hard with that pen… you can’t erase and correct things…”

home and stuff.


this is a corner of my new home.


my friend hilka’s flat in berlin.


my former flatmate’s room (she’s a violonist).


my old kitchen.


my other former flatmate in our old kitchen (with a pear).

if you live in berlin/frankfurt/darmstadt or somewhere on my way: let me draw the favourite corner of your home! i’m pretty cheap (will do it for vegetarian food).

checklist for swimming

i’ve been going swimming quite a lot lately. it’s great to relax, get moving without stressing and to be outside of the comfort zone of any computer or other technical device for at least 2 hours. as if to prove how much i need to get out of my head sometimes, i’ve managed to forget something important almost every time. so far it hasn’t been my swimming suit yet, but i’ve been swimming without:

  • my shampoo to get the chlorine off my head afterwards
  • my flipflops (hmmm yummy floor, especially in the lavatory…)
  • my goggles (swimming is no fun without goggles! how am i supposed to improve my diving skills?)
  • a towel (hair blower 5ct./1 minute, here i come…)

as you can easily guess, this is in ascending order. so to prevent myself from standing at the pool again (especially) without one of these items, i have made a visual checklist or packing list for myself:

Checkliste_Schwimmenand just to say thanks to my best swimming buddy for being able to do “fitness” without being grown-up about it, i’ve tried to portray anne (weltbeste anne. looks much better in real life. and i still can’t draw hands. but how should i. need to make more time for drawing to get back into practice).


Christoph Bornmüller/Klara Grosz: In letzter Konsequenz (our first book!)

i’m currently working on my first book. i’m illustrating a collection of short stories by christoph bornmüller (in german). it will be published at parallelallee in berlin this spring or summer this autumn!*


this is only the cover, but you can get to know some characters in the next couple of weeks on this blog!*

*sorry! i started a new full-time-job in the meantime and i’m completely occupied. but stay tuned! it’s coming! (just a bit more slowly than i planned)