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travelling. sketching. part III (animals)

we saw lots of animals on our journey, for example the only dove i ever liked (it’s a turtledove and he/she lives on the campsite in labadusa / trogir, croatia):


but most of the animals i drew live in the zoo in zagreb:

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_gazelle_kraehei don’t know what kind of animal this is, but it had a red neck. and there were lots of crows around (everywhere).

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_capybara_lamaa sleeping lama behind a shed and some capybaras i liked… the german word is “wasserschwein” (water pig) by the way. 2016_08_14_zoozagreb_ameisenbaerthe ant eater was sleeping as well (i love him!).2016_08_14_zoozagreb_heuschreckethis grasshopper looked as if it was having a chill’ time in a jacuzzi (it was sitting in a bowl)..

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_voegeljust a collection of really cool birds.2016_08_14_zoozagreb_lizzardi don’t know what kind of reptile this was, but it sat on a branch as if it was serving at a bar.

2018_08_elefantenmausthis is an elefant shrew (lat. elephantulus). a mouse that looks like it’s related to elephants. do i need to say more?

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_lemuri tried to draw the lemurs but they didn’t like it and just decided to hide pretty quickly in the darkest corners possible. they were still pretty amazing!