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travelling. sketching. part III (animals)

we saw lots of animals on our journey, for example the only dove i ever liked (it’s a turtledove and he/she lives on the campsite in labadusa / trogir, croatia):


but most of the animals i drew live in the zoo in zagreb:

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_gazelle_kraehei don’t know what kind of animal this is, but it had a red neck. and there were lots of crows around (everywhere).

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_capybara_lamaa sleeping lama behind a shed and some capybaras i liked… the german word is “wasserschwein” (water pig) by the way. 2016_08_14_zoozagreb_ameisenbaerthe ant eater was sleeping as well (i love him!).2016_08_14_zoozagreb_heuschreckethis grasshopper looked as if it was having a chill’ time in a jacuzzi (it was sitting in a bowl)..

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_voegeljust a collection of really cool birds.2016_08_14_zoozagreb_lizzardi don’t know what kind of reptile this was, but it sat on a branch as if it was serving at a bar.

2018_08_elefantenmausthis is an elefant shrew (lat. elephantulus). a mouse that looks like it’s related to elephants. do i need to say more?

2016_08_14_zoozagreb_lemuri tried to draw the lemurs but they didn’t like it and just decided to hide pretty quickly in the darkest corners possible. they were still pretty amazing!

travelling. sketching. part II (people)

part II of my travelling sketchbook through slovenia & croatia. this is about people i saw on the way.


2016_07_30_Fahrt_nach_BA2.jpga girl at a station on my way through bavaria.

2016_08_09_Christoph_Landschaft.jpg“our” beach (labadusa).




people at the beach.

2016_08_04_OrkrugGornji.jpga tourist at a tourist place (restaurant in okrug gornji, croatia).

2016_split_menschen.jpga collection of people i saw in split.