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travelling lisbon

2016_10_0-15a couple of weeks ago i spent some days in lisbon with my lovely mum.

2016_10_0-1i was a bit bored on the plane, so i started drawing the view from my tiny window…

2016_10_0-2at some point of the flight my mum offered to hold her hand still on the tray table so i can draw a proper study.

p1080334you can find beautiful tiles at the facades all over town. here’s an example that’s especially nice.

2016_10_0-5one of the typical quiosques in alfama, where we got coffee & pasteis de nata.

p1080225here’s some proof. some proof with a view.

2016_10_0-7this is a very quick sketch of the famous ponte 25 de april (and jesus) …

2016_10_0-9… a thorough sketch of the inside of the historical tram 28 …

2016_10_0-8… and a sketch of the tropical garden in belem. not as quick as the sketch of the bridge but not as thorough as the one of the tram either.

2016_10_0-3leftover take away.

2016_10_0-4my room at the hotel.

p1080269the thing that impressed me most about lisbon was the sky though. just amazing! ❤

101 years is a good reason to celebrate (happy birthday oping!)

i spent the last couple of days in drawsko pomorskie, poland, to celebrate the 101st birthday of my grandpa oping.

it was quite extraordinary, because he lives in baden-wuerttemberg (still in his own flat), has reached quite an age (see above), but is still mobile enough to travel to the place where he was born and raised at the beginning of the last century. maybe even more extraordinary: almost all of his family came together from all over to celebrate this day! so i went to drawsko, met my crazy relatives and spent some wonderful days in the beautiful west pomeranian voivodeship.

as the artsy part of my family it was my duty to think of something for the guestbook of the house that we were staying at. so i drew some stuff and wrote some words and this is what i’d like to share (as far as i remember the words):*


“last year we celebrated the 100th birthday of our father, grandfather, greatgrandfather oping (in his hometown in south germany).


at that time richard, one of his grandsons, suggested: oping was born in 1913 in dramburg (now: drawsko pomorskie) – why don’t we celebrate his next birthday there?


so he did some research and found this beautiful house, which could fit in 20 people (or more) for all of oping’s family to stay in.


and (almost) everyone came!

we travelled here from different parts of germany to drawsko pomorskie, stayed for a week, got guided tours by oping with stories about the places from the first 14 years of his life, played in the garden, hung out, celebrated and had delicious food! (it will be quite hard to top this next year!)…”


(and then there was some thank you to the people who supplied us with this place. if you ever need a lot of space in the middle of a nature reserve in poland: )

moving. that’s what it was. and fun! family parties appear to be a lot more fun when everyone’s on holiday (somewhere else than home).. 🙂


*please excuse the rather bad quality of the “scans” – it’s photoshopped pictures from my rubbish phone.