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just after christmas.

i can’t believe it’s already thursday! december 26th being a monday, but feeling like a sunday got me all confused. so here comes my wednesday’s blog on a thursday.


on sunday we visited my new nephew in cologne. welcome to the world, little vi.! very well done, lovely ka. & ch.!


my sister a. and little k. gave me this sketchbook for christmas which seems to work perfectly with my pentel brushpen…


here’s our very first christmas tree ever. it’s small and ugly and we love it very much.


pentel & sketchbook also kind of worked in a moving car. (no straight lines possible? no straight lines needed…) this is c.’s sister v. driving us from darmstadt to cologne.


the day after c. & i travelled to rostock for a day and the battery on my computer was flat for the last hour of the journey, so i had to stop working. i was able to watch c. reading lessing instead (in the background: mecklenburg vorpommén). no pentel and a different sketchbook, biro (a cheap one) & watercolours.


on our way back to darmstadt we saw a very cute girl with her parents (her dad is not in the picture, the old man just happened to sit next to them). they had lots of luggage and they all looked content but very tired. they must have been on the way home from some very long journey. the girl fell asleep as soon as the train started moving. arriving at their home station, her parents had to carry her on top of all the luggage.

a new cover for jesus christ superstar.


i feel very lucky to have some of the best friends in the world. two of them did not only send me this lovely christmas card via post, they also visited me at home the very same day.

since it was the last weekend before christmas we decided to watch “jesus christ superstar” (it’s a musical, but you have to watch the only good movie version from 1973). and we had a great time drinking wine and eating hosts crisps…

i was happy to share this brilliant piece of movie & cultural history with anne & david. but afterwards we realized that the cover of the dvd does not work at all selling the movie…


you wouldn’t watch it and miss out on some great music and brilliant characters in an interesting setting. and in case you’re looking for a christian movie you wouldn’t necessarily approve of this depiction of the saga either. jesus seems rather clueless and the true protagonist is judas, but he doesn’t even appear on the back cover. so, which target group are you doing a favor here?


to cut the long story short, we drew a new cover that does the movie better justice.


so far this cover is only available in my personal dvd collection. but if you like, you can download the cover in high resolution via this link (file size: 15 MB), print and cut it out and use it for your own dvd.

you’re welcome.


also: check out the work by anne becker & david hill!

season’s greetings everybody! enjoy your holidays!

travelling lisbon

2016_10_0-15a couple of weeks ago i spent some days in lisbon with my lovely mum.

2016_10_0-1i was a bit bored on the plane, so i started drawing the view from my tiny window…

2016_10_0-2at some point of the flight my mum offered to hold her hand still on the tray table so i can draw a proper study.

p1080334you can find beautiful tiles at the facades all over town. here’s an example that’s especially nice.

2016_10_0-5one of the typical quiosques in alfama, where we got coffee & pasteis de nata.

p1080225here’s some proof. some proof with a view.

2016_10_0-7this is a very quick sketch of the famous ponte 25 de april (and jesus) …

2016_10_0-9… a thorough sketch of the inside of the historical tram 28 …

2016_10_0-8… and a sketch of the tropical garden in belem. not as quick as the sketch of the bridge but not as thorough as the one of the tram either.

2016_10_0-3leftover take away.

2016_10_0-4my room at the hotel.

p1080269the thing that impressed me most about lisbon was the sky though. just amazing! ❤