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7 things that help you get better when you have a flu.

last week i had the flu and on most of the days i was too weak to leave my flat except for little walks to the doctor or the pharmacy. exciting, i know. time to get back to basics. sleep. eat & drink. snot. and meet up with all those friendly beings around you that can help you feel better soon:

socks1. warm socks.

p10808912. something warm around your neck.

p10809053. ginger & honey or other kinds of tea like sage, fennel, liquorice root… (drink!)

p10808794. stuff to help free your respiratory passages.

p10808805. salt & hot water for steam inhalation. (yes, i have a bowl that almost fits my face.)

p10808836. tissues!

dognose7. creme to help your nose recover.

get well soon!

home and stuff.


this is a corner of my new home.


my friend hilka’s flat in berlin.


my former flatmate’s room (she’s a violonist).


my old kitchen.


my other former flatmate in our old kitchen (with a pear).

if you live in berlin/frankfurt/darmstadt or somewhere on my way: let me draw the favourite corner of your home! i’m pretty cheap (will do it for vegetarian food).

Christoph Bornmüller/Klara Grosz: In letzter Konsequenz (our first book!)

i’m currently working on my first book. i’m illustrating a collection of short stories by christoph bornmüller (in german). it will be published at parallelallee in berlin this spring or summer this autumn!*


this is only the cover, but you can get to know some characters in the next couple of weeks on this blog!*

*sorry! i started a new full-time-job in the meantime and i’m completely occupied. but stay tuned! it’s coming! (just a bit more slowly than i planned)