half a zoo.

we had a little drawing & fimo session last week.

Giraffenhere’s some giraffes hanging out.

tumblr_op2pqcgbFS1shaph2o1_1280and here’s our wild bunch.

tumblr_op2pqcgbFS1shaph2o4_1280.jpgthey look peaceful but they’re ready to fight. just look at those tiny penguin fists (or is it the middle finger?).

tumblr_op2pqcgbFS1shaph2o3_1280whatever. if you mess with the penguin, you’ve got a problem with a lion and an eagle on your hand, my friend!

tumblr_op2pqcgbFS1shaph2o2_1280❤ my fimo-buddies anne & david!


if you start driving over 30 there are exactly 2 kinds of reactions:

a) strongly unimpressed. those people have been driving for decades, never thought about the possibility of a life without cars and really don’t think it’s a big deal at all.

b) vigorously not interested. those people have decided that driving & cars is not for them at all and don’t want to hear about it <fill in legitimate environmental and/or financial reasons and an urban surrounding>.

who am i supposed to share my joy with? well. whatever. it’s done. i’m happy. i can take us anywhere, e.g. on a 4-hr drive home when c’s hungover (just a random example).

downside: don’t draw and drive.

favourite person on tv: bob mortimer.


just so you know, i love bob mortimer.

his stories on “would i lie to you” are the best things that happened to tv. ever.

(on the show “would i lie to you” there are two teams telling each other outrageous stories. the other team has to guess whether each story is true or a lie.)

there’s a new video with all of the “mortimerian tales”:

my favourites are these:
00:07 – I once set fire to my house with a box of fireworks.
06:50 – The police once ordered me to leave town because I was frightening the locals.
26:27 – As a teenager, I used to terrorise my neighbourhood with a game I invented called “Theft and Shrubbery”.
45:35 – I can break an apple in half with my bare hands.

non-places (and – oh – a bird!)

non-places… places that exist, but you never really look at them.


there are quite a lot of them everywhere (maybe especially in darmstadt). like the bridge at the ostbahnhof…


… or the forever (-ever-ever-ever) ongoing construction sight at the hospital…


… or the crooked house that is (not so much) hidden at rosenhöhe…


blackbirds are always worth a second look though. ❤

#funnyanimalsTMC – looking forward to millionaires club in leipzig

I’m sooo looking forward to the next millionaires club – THE festival for comics & graphics in leipzig. it takes place at the same time as the book fair – next weekend! hurray!

here’s my submission for the mini-expo “animals R funny”:


(yes, it’s a cat watching “funny animals”-videos on youtube. in a fish bowl. at a fish family’s home.)